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Attention Canoe Enthusiasts:

In the April 11, 2012 edition of the NRT my letter was printed entitled "Organizing a voyageur canoe race", BUT I seemed to have made a mistake in writing, I actually intended to try to promote a "Marathon Canoe Race", with a "North Canoe" (24 '- 26')Class, from Mattawa to Deep River.

For those who would dismiss, out of hand, a race like this as being too long, I would offer this by way of explanation; the week prior to the August Long Weekend, there is a Marathon Canoe Race from North Bay to Mattawa as part of their Voyageur Days.  This is a one day event running about 60 miles, with  10+ portages.  Mattawa to Deep River is about 48.7 miles, with one portage (around the Rapides des Joachims Hydro dam), and should be do-able as a two-day event, with camping along the way (at least for its' inaugural year).

Accordingly, it would start in Mattawa, early in the morning on Saturday, finishing in Deep River sometime in the afternoon of Sunday, with a camping stop-over at, perhaps, Driftwood Park. This event would have several different classes, including tandem-canoe, North Canoe, and possibly solo canoe classes.

If the North Bay-to-Mattawa race can be done in a single day, a Mattawa-to-Deep River event, covering a two-day span, should be feasible!

I have been informed that the "Hell or High Water" in Petawawa May 11 - 13 will have, in addition to dragon boat races, voyageur canoe cruises, and a (just for fun) head-to-head voyageur canoe vs. dragon boat race!  So for those who are not sure what a voyageur canoe is, come on out and see some at Petawawa Point.

Anyone interested in helping to organize Mattawa-to-Deep River Marathon Canoe Race, or anybody with questions about it, can contact me at:

Happy Paddling,

John Livingston